Program Note

While composing Subliminal Media the nature of musical development was an important notion for me.  That while it can be predictable in a linear manner it can also quite unpredictable and non linear.  It can occur on a subliminal level.  For example, a musical idea that is beneath the surface in one movement can become the main idea that receives substantial development in another.  These two movements can sound unrelated even though one is developing ideas stemming from the other.  Heard back to back the first and sixth movements of Subliminal Media, for instance, might seem worlds apart yet thematic material that emerges in the sixth is arrived at by reinterpreting material heard in the first.  My intention was to create a musical experience comparable to a series of natural transformations from one state to another in which the end result is completely different from what might have been foreseen yet at the same time somehow intrinsically related what came before.