Choral and Vocal

An inopportune Time (2014)                                                     


for female voice, piano and audio file playback

Corpus (2011), for double chamber choir and percussion quartet                                  



Choir 1: SSAATTBB; Choir 2: SSAATTBB; Percussion Quartet 

Seven Last Words of Christ (2007-2008), A cantata for high voice, chamber choir and strings 50'

High Voice (Male soprano, soprano or counter tenor); Mixed choir - 16 voices minimum; Strings - 54321 minimum

Song of the Soul (2005), for vocal quartet  3'

counter tenor (or female voice), tenor, tenor, baritone

Veni, Creator Spiritus (2000) for choir 7'30"

SSSA soloists, SSAATTBB choir

Souvenirs du vent (1996-97), for soprano and chamber orchestra  18'

Soprano voice, alto fl.*(picc.)-1*(E.h)-2*(b. cl.)-1*(c. bsn.)/1-1-1/ 2 perc./piano/strings 1-1-1-1-1

Vent (1996), for soprano and six instruments 5'30"

soprano voice, alto fl.*(picc.)-cl.*( /piano/violin-viola-cello